Fluoride Varnish

At More Smiles, we treat our patients according to their specific needs. If someone has a low chance of developing dental decay, we do not routinely use fluorides during their exam and clean appointments. However, when someone has a high chance of developing decay we then consider using a topical fluoride varnish.

What is fluoride varnish?

A fluoride varnish is a concentrated liquid that has a similar consistency to glue. It is high in fluoride and helps harden the tooth structure when applied to its surface. It can be applied generally or in more specific spots where the teeth need it most. The varnish can also be applied to areas with early stages of tooth decay to help reverse the process and re-harden the tooth.

Who will benefit from fluoride varnish?

Anyone can be potentially at high risk to developing tooth decay. However, the two main times most people are at high risk is when they are children and when they are elderly. Children struggle to clean their teeth properly and also tend to snack a lot causing them to potentially develop tooth decay. Elderly people often can have a dry mouth due to medications which reduces how much protection the teeth have. On top of this, elderly people are more likely to have receded gums and can start to find it harder to clean their teeth well. Gum recession causes the roots of the teeth to be exposed, which are harder to keep clean and made from softer material making the teeth prone to decay.

If you would like to know whether you might benefit from a fluoride varnish, feel free to ask one of the friendly dental practioners at More Smiles at your next visit.

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