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I Brush and Floss, but Still Have Bad Breath? Part 1

Hi. Dan, the Oral Health therapist at More Smiles Dental Practice here. I often get asked this question, but the answer isn’t always straightforward. We

Fluoride Varnish Blog

Fluoride Varnish

At More Smiles, we treat our patients according to their specific needs. If someone has a low chance of developing dental decay, we do not

Teaching kids how to brush thre teeth blog

Teaching Your Child to Brush

As a parent of three young children myself, I know the challenges surrounding kids and brushing. There are 3 stages when it comes to brushing

Giving back to Our Community

Fluoride Varnish Blog

More Posts Coming Soon!

Giving back to Our Environment

Fluoride Varnish Blog

More Posts Coming Soon!

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